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The following is our IPM that could be used during growing.  Note that not all of these are used at once.  We use a rotational IPM spray to keep bugs from becoming immune to any one option we may use.  Combining a couple products to use in a rotation is an effective means to keep pests in check.  We use these sprays as preventative in vegetative state.  These options are OMRI products so it is authorized to be used on organic products you can buy. 

What is OMRI you ask...this is direct from their website "The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is an international nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI Listed® products are allowed for use in certified organic operations under the USDA National Organic Program."  (citation: ). 

Here is what we use in our rotations:


Predatory Bugs (are used in flower and veg) which hunt down pests that affect overall health and production of plants.  Basically natures good guys!

Zerotol 2.0  (OMRI listed)

 Azaguard    (OMRI listed)

No Fly WP

Athena Cuts  (this is used in taking clones to stimulate growth until they root and can be transferred to flowering pots)

Botaniguard Maxx/Pyganic-  This is used as a last resort for us in extreme pest pressure situations.  


Grow Medium:  

Coco/Perlite blend

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